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Each time you light up your fireplace, you need to be confident that it is not only safe but also clean to do so. That’s why you should hire our fireplace cleaning service to keep it thoroughly clean and prevent the instance of fires. Our team consists of professional fireplace brick cleaners who are able to clean and maintain your fireplace.

Thorough Fireplace Cleaning Services 

With a dirty fireplace in your home, you will have to deal with deadly carbon monoxide and pollution. It can cause harm to your loved ones. That is why you need regular fireplace cleaning to get rid of soot and creosote. It's important to clean your fireplace after each use, but that is a hassle that many people don't have the time to deal with. 
Instead, you can focus on cleaning your fireplace once a month with our fireplace cleaning service. Our experts provide fireplace cleaning once you book an appointment, and you can request monthly cleaning to keep it in the best shape. During our fireplace chimney cleaning, we will also check for any damage or cracks that might need repair. Contact Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros for your fireplace cleaning today. 

Firebox Repair 

Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros also provides you with firebox repair services if it is needed. While giving you fireplace chimney cleaning, we might notice that there is something wrong with your firebox. The firebox is part of the fireplace where you burn wood, and it should be designed with fire brick to withstand high temperatures.

The high temperature can damage your firebox, and we would notice this during the fireplace cleaning. We will repair the damage with high-temperature refractory cement or replace it completely. 

Smoking, Odors & Drafts in the Fireplace

If you notice that there is smoking, drafts, or odors coming from your fireplace, it's best to contact us at Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros. We will inspect your fireplace to find out why it is smoking so much or what is causing the awful odor and fix the problem thoroughly.  

The odor in your fireplace might be caused by creosote deposits which can build up over time. During summer months, when the humidity is high, when the air conditioner is running, or on rainy days, the smell becomes even more evident and will give your home a stench.    

Sometimes, your fireplace might fill your house with smoke due to different reasons. Your damper might be closed, or the downdraft is too cold. Also, your damper might not be working or is the wrong size. Regardless of the reason, we can figure it out and repair it with our fireplace cleaning service. 

Contact Us For Fireplace Cleaning and Maintenance

Contact our experts for your fireplace cleaning today! We provide fireplace chimney cleaning to your home in Medford, so you can give us a call and schedule an appointment once a month. We would take great care of your fireplace with our chimney cleaning services. Contact our chimney professionals now.