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Our professional chimney services also include chimney repairs and the replacement of different parts that might be damaged. During our fireplace chimney cleaning services, we might notice that you need certain repairs in your chimney. Or, if you notice that your chimney is not functioning properly, you can contact us for a full repair. Contact Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros for your chimney repairs today.

Professional Chimney Services in Medford, MA

At Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros, we provide expert chimney repair services to our neighbors in the Medford, MA, area. Our professionals have decades of experience in serving homeowners with chimney sweep services. We guarantee professional and long-lasting results when we provide our chimney cleaning services.

When you hire us for professional chimney services, we will treat your home and loved ones with respect. We will also take your safety seriously and make use of a detail-oriented approach in cleaning and repairing your chimney.

Leaky Chimney Repair and Waterproofing

Dealing with a leaky chimney doesn't have to be difficult. Our experts at Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros provide you with reliable leak protection services for your chimney. With our chimney cleaning service, we provide chimney cap installation and waterproofing, flashing repair, and chimney crown and chase cover repair. Contact us for your chimney waterproofing today.

Chimney Relining Services

Your chimney liner is meant to prevent heat transfer, draft problems, carbon monoxide poisoning, chimney fires, and smoke problems. It is also meant to prevent fireplace performance issues. Our chimney and fireplace cleaning services ensure that your chimney liner is operating the right way with our relining services.

Masonry Rebuilds and Repair Services

Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros consists of licensed, certified, and insured chimney professionals with experience in repairing and rebuilding your chimney and fireplace. Damaged masonry in your chimney can weaken the structure and shorten its lifespan. When we notice any cracks in your masonry, we fully take care of it with our repairs.

Damper Replacement Services

If your damper is broken, rusted, or leaky, you will definitely need professional chimney cleaning and repair services. We take care of your damper by upgrading it to a new one. We focus on different dampers that are energy-saving and easy to use. Our dampers are also affordable and will make a good investment.

Smoke Chamber Repairs

You need your smoke chamber in the chimney to be free of damage if you want it to work well. Our master chimney sweeps are skilled at repairing problems with your smoke chamber and parging them for a top-performing and insulated smoke chamber that functions properly.

Contact Medford Chimney Cleaning Pros for Repairs Today

If you live in Medford and are looking for expert chimney cleaning services and repairs, contact us today! Our professionals provide chimney cleaning and repair services to homeowners in the area, ensuring that your chimney is in perfect working order. Contact us to book an appointment today!